Tuesday, December 31, 2013


i'm almost at a year without fast food! (technically day 300 was on december 20th, but the holidays happened.) i'm so excited to almost have reached my goal of one year. and it didn't begin that way, to go an entire year, but i'm so glad it is going in that direction.

i doubt i will head out to a fast food restaurant on day 366 and order something i used to eat. i have enjoyed this healthier lifestyle and i really crave better things now. part of me thinks i will feel bad about eating fast food again, when or if it happens. but i don't see that as something awful. it was really a guilty pleasure, convenient and quick fix. it really is all about eating things that are better for you, even if that means taking the time to cook something healthy instead of instantly gratifying yourself w/ something that is bad for you.

so day 365 is in sight. the end of february will be a celebration for sure. what a goal to reach! 
thank you all again so much for all of the encouragement. you can do this too!
as we head in to 2014, what will your new goals be?

happy new year!