Saturday, November 21, 2015


November is my favorite month.
leaves quickly changing colors and falling all over the ground.
the air is cooler and i can finally wear scarves!
i feel like i sleep better too.

and can we please talk about sitting by a fire?!
the temperatures are usually just right for them.
so far this year i have warmed my hands by a fire twice this month.
i'm trying to plan more of those soon.

my favorite holiday [Thanksgiving :)] is at the end of the month.
i enjoy it most because it's about food and fellowship.
and i am thankful for the extra time i get to spend with my family.
and hopefully catch up with some old friends.

of course, maybe it's my favorite because it's also my birthday month :)
i will turn 36 this year.
the more time i spend in my 30's the more i know these are some of my best years.
i am growing older and, hopefully, wiser.

i already feel like November has flown by.
so i will try to savor these last 10 days as much as i possibly can.
i am headed to the upstate this weekend.
i can't wait to bundle up and collect some beautifully colored leaves.

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