Thursday, October 03, 2013


fall is my favorite time of year. specifically the month of november. it's the month of thanksgiving and my birthday, which equals lots of time with loved ones. it also means a lot more of baking treats for people will be happening.

cold weather is the best weather. you get to layer up, wear boots, jackets and scarves - one of my favorite accessories. 

soups and hot drinks are best when it's cold out. and you can always dream of seeing snow this time of year, as the weather gets colder. 

the leaves changing color are amazing. i find it hard not to stop and pick up each one i see. odds are, if you open up a book from the shelves in my house, leaves from previous seasons will be stuck in between the pages.

there is just something so magical about the fall. it always feels like anything is possible. i don't know why i think that way, i just do. maybe it's the hope of something new.
i love how we can see visible signs of the seasons changing. something we can't always see at first when it happens to us. we change and we grow. and if we are fortunate enough, we have God to guide us and teach us along the way. 

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rita and andy said...

right there with you! I LOVE fall!!!!