Monday, November 11, 2013

chicken bog.

remember that time i had three different kinds of chicken bog three days in a row?
let me explain.

friday: my across the street neighbors were selling chicken bog tickets a few weeks ago for a church fundraiser. church chicken bog is always the best. so of course i purchased a plate. there was chicken and sausage in it. 
just the way i like it :)

saturday: i went to a family reunion. there was no way i could have known what kind of food would be served. low and behold, chicken bog. however, this was not your average chicken bog. it had so many different kinds of meat in it. some of which i still don't think i know. i can tell you that there was chicken, sausage and deer meat in it for sure. it was the absolute best chicken bog i have ever tasted in my life.
sorry not sorry.

sunday: parents provided dinner for youth group sunday night. chicken bog, w/ just chicken (in case you were wondering). it was delicious. and the best green beans were served along side of it.

i only realize now how ridiculous chicken bog three days in a row sounds. 

and tomorrow night i'm going to the 15th annual oyster roast at the Florence Museum.
mmm mmm good :)

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