Friday, January 17, 2014

day 3: juicing

i can already tell my skin is looking different, like it has a glow to it or something. last night i only got six hours of sleep, and needless to say i was tired. i didn't feel exhausted though, i'm assuming juicing has helped w/ the lack of exhaustion.
i put my juice in this fun old glass oj bottle :)
i started my morning off w/ the rest of some yummy juice i had made the night before. i continued to alternate water w/ my juice. i made a gazpacho type juice to drink for "lunch" and a "snack." i was thinking it would be like cold soup or something. that was a huge mistake. it was not disgusting, but after three sips i knew i could not finish it all. i only drank 1/3 of the pitcher it made. i ended up drinking a lot of water while at work the reminder of the day. 

the best juice i've ever made :)
when i got home from work i immediately juiced something else that i knew would be yummy. and it was :) maybe the best juice i've ever made. what a relief! i was starting to get discouraged and now i know i can do it. i was really excited to be able to drink the rest of that juice for "breakfast."

tomorrow i will weigh in and see just exactly what this juicing cleanse is doing. see y'all then!

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