Friday, January 24, 2014

juicing recap...

drum roll please ....................................................................

i lost 5 more pounds! that makes my grand total, after seven days of juicing, 12 pounds lost! woo hoo!

it's over. i can honestly say that it was one of the most challenging things i've ever done in my life. there were times i was not sure i could do it. but i'm glad i did it, and now i'm glad that it's over. i was ready for it to be over. i don't think i will ever do a seven day juicing cleanse again. i would do a one day or three day juicing cleanse though.

i still had good energy for two days after. the first day after was an experience. it was weird eating regular food again. and i ate really well, mainly whole fruits and veggies if what i was juicing. i don't think it mattered what i ate though, my body definitely had to adjust to solids again.

by day two of eating food again, it felt weird mentally to think about the fact that my body was no longer clean. i was putting things back in it that were good for me nutritionally and everything, but it wasn't going to be the same. that may sound strange. i know i will get over it. i'm happy to say that i am definitely more aware of what foods i need to eat to make myself feel the best and look my best. i'm hoping it is a routine that sticks and i will do my best to see that it does. i also need to remember to forgive myself if and when i give in. 

thank you to everyone who has stuck around to hear about my journey. thank you for all of the encouragement and love. thank you for the time you took to read my story. may you all have the discipline and courage to take your next step into a healthier life :)

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