Saturday, January 18, 2014

day 4: juicing

seven pounds people! 

that's how much weight i have lost after three full days of juicing. unbelievable. that brings me back up to 26 pounds total lost. what?! i know that there is a great possibility of gaining back some of the weight i lose from this juicing cleanse, but i'm excited to see how much more i lose by day 7. 
there is a lot going on in this juice and it was so yummy!
i got eight hours of sleep last night and i'm feeling great! i made another juice today that is so good. i'm halfway there and feel like i'm finally starting to enjoy the process. i'm still drinking five juices a day and alternating water in between each one.
i have decided that grapefruit is my favorite thing in a juice :)
if this juicing cleanse has taught me anything it's that i need to drink so much more water than i have been  drinking. now i love water, and besides decaf coffee that's usually all i drink, but it has become very clear to me that i need to be drinking more. it's good for your body for so many reasons.

see y'all again tomorrow :)

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